I work regardless if anyone is watching

The Come Up: Jasmine Sweets

Bossing Up is as simple as staying ahead of the game and being innovative in every way possible. I work regardless if anyone is watching. I’m a firm believer “how you do anything is how you do everything” and my mission goes beyond me. 

My love for music started when I was a child. I always said I wanted to sing but realized I couldn’t hold a note to save my life. For that very reason I tried to pursuing a degree in psychology, only to find out it didn’t fit either. So I dropped out to focus on getting a good job while taking courses every now and then at a local junior college. 

While picking courses, I came across a music business class and decided to try it out. The director of the music department saw something in me and pointed me in a direction where I could explore the insides of the music industry while getting hip to studio life. My first day interning, I had the pleasure of working with Chris Brown — blew me away. 

While interning at that studio, I soon started working with a veteran producer who introduced me to some legendary down south and west coast artists. I also had the opportunity to work with YG’s management team as an assistant and I passed on that! How dumb of me? I still have nightmares about that. Two years after working with the producer, I began to feel stagnant, so I called it quits. 

Joel Green, an old friend friend of mine, was creating a show by the name of UnplugdLA that I just had to be part of. UnplugdLA is a live entertainment soirée that provides a platform for quality emerging artists including singers, rappers, dancers, comedians and live painting. Within a couple months, I went from assistant to coordinator and a curator of this extraordinary show.

Two years into developing UnplugdLA, I met 1500 or Nothin’s My Guy Mars, who is the CEO of Astronaught Gang. I was assigned the role of handling his studio calendar for a few months, but because it had interfered with my education schedule, I decided to step away from that responsibility. Next, I was awarded the responsibility of being his radio coordinator for his show MyGuyMars Radio on XXL Dash Radio where I was in charge of keeping everything in tact from having the personalities on time to booking talent for interviews.

In efforts to bridge my two positions, I was blessed to have My Guy Mars appear as a special guest at UnplugdLA and he quickly fell in love with it. After a few more shows, we had attracted music executives and tv show casting coordinators to give the artists the opportunities of a lifetime. My ultimate goal working with UnplugdLA is to provide a platform that artists of various backgrounds can not only perform and gain fans, but can also be heard by leading executives and socialites in the industry. 

Mama always told us to be creative and make them remember you. And that’s what Jasmine Sweets embodies.

- Jasmine Sweets
Talent Coordinator
UnplugdLA and My Guy Mars

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