Self discipline is the center of everything.

Honestly, I’m living in a space now where it’s necessary to boss up at all costs. For the last five years or so I’ve been very persistent in growing my craft and visibility as a “brand” and artist.

The beginning of the fruits of my labor are starting to pour in and, while I’m excited about that, I also know that I can’t relax or become comfortable. If anything, now is the time when I have to push harderbecome more disciplined, and continue to step my game up project after project.

One piece of advice that I’m constantly giving myself (with credit to Will Smith) is that self discipline is the center of everything. If I can be more disciplined (and not just speaking in terms of my career), every area of my life will be elevated and I’ll also create more time for myself and other projects.

- Laci
Artist • Creative Director
Jordan Brand, Wildfang + more

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