Confront all of your shortcomings and find the strength to change for the better

I’m Johnny Burgos, a Brooklyn - bred singer, songwriter and producer, bringing an authentic brand of Future Soul to the table, revealing beauty from pain, hope from despair and the will to keep fighting.

In a nutshell music saved my life. Throughout my childhood, I experienced a good amount of trauma via domestic violence, addiction and emotional abuse. In music I found an escape that allowed me the freedom to express my feelings about those things. That freedom made it seem like the weight of my reality was lifted.


I knew a career in music was my end goal but a lack of confidence and resources unfortunately turned me towards the allure of the street life. That way of life made survival a priority and I honed many skills that made for a prosperous but selfish lifestyle, that also came with heavy consequences. Such consequences brought me to my turning point and after a period of incarceration and a subsequent altercation that related in serious injuries, I knew a change was necessary.

It wasn't clear how I would achieve that change but in my frustration and pain I turned back to my music for an escape. Once again, in the music I found that familiar freedom to confront all of my shortcomings and find the strength to change for the better. I found the confidence to dive into the music and creativity in a way I never had, and in that came opportunities to intern, perform and just be around a community of more people doing the same.


Being accepted at places like Flux Studios and Engine Room Audio were key factors for me, which helped me learn the standards of the industry and expand my capabilities as a creator. Naturally, that lead to many collaborative relationships with artists like Liza Colby, DJ Skizz (mobb deep, M.O.P., freeway) and spawned my band project, Bridge City Hustle, which toured nationally.

The studio experience was also a good lesson in how to hustle within the industry and is how I would meet and work with some of my musical heroes. I learned that a lot of them had similar experiences on their come up and unanimously advised me not to give up. Today my music embraces every bit of my struggle and uses it as fuel to create in a way that helps others embrace their own.

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