We can't be afraid to put each other on

Climbing and connecting…

I've always been in the business of making connections and when people ask, I tell them my job is 50% connecting people and 50% waiting around for those connections to come to fruition.

Deep down, and this may be selfish - I love connecting because there is a possibility that whatever I connect may turn into something amazing, and it is because of me! So it startles me to run into people who have no interest in sharing what they know with others; they don’t want to impart their wisdom or be a conduit for what could be better.


Newsflash and friendly reminder… No one can do you, quite like you!  I am the best original and cannot be duplicated or replicated, no matter how hard one tries. So, not sharing says a lot about the level of confidence of others, not me. When people ask a question that I know the answer to, I do not hold back- I answer with energy, excitement, suggestions and ideas and possibilities of how to take the idea to the next level.

When someone tells me their dreams and I come across an opportunity that might work for them, I share it with them to help push them forward. I get especially friendly with other wedding and event planners by sharing my ideas, fears, and yes even opportunities that could help benefit their business and essentially our customers who rely on our expertise.

Making connections in business and our personal lives is rewarding and is actually required to be an expert in one’s field. In the words, of one of my favorite Journalists, Clarissa Shine, “We can't be afraid to put each other on.” I’m all about shining and sparkling and helping others do the same because, “Iron sharpens Iron”!

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Think about it, by simply making an introduction between two business people that leads to a million dollar deal you become the authority for both people on who to know. When you share an event with your peers and competitors, you become the authority on what is happening and where to be in that industry.

Know of two single people? Why not connect them - they'll thank you at their wedding. Have a friend looking for a job? Why not connect them to your company that is hiring and give a good word – they will take you out to lunch and be your greatest supporter.

The greatest part about connecting is knowing that I can never give away too much; because waiting in the balance is so much more and I can afford to share my knowledge, experiences and resources. A wise person once said, “I’ll probably forget, more than you will ever know” and they spoke the truth!  Light the fire of others and we can all stay warm together!

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