Honestly, life is lit. Because I jumped.

I was in my early twenties with two jobs living in Ohio; life was cool. Although I never dreaded going to work, my creativity wouldn’t let me just chill.

I knew that I loved producing my own events, creating content, and working with passionate people but I had never seriously considered making a career out of it. A voice went off in my head, probably a few times, asking, why aren’t you doing that full time?

So I started plotting.
But I also understood how comfortable I was where I was.
Be real, it’s not easy to choose “potential income” over a consistent paycheck.
Also real: I knew nothing was going to change until I was ready to make moves.

2015. I quit my jobs and moved to another state. I jumped.

All I knew was that I would figure it out. I had to get uncomfortable first. I had no huge savings, no super solid plan, and no job lined up on the other side, so….I created one. And I started my own business and got right to it.

The hustle began.

I leveraged the people I knew. I was talking to friends and friends of friends were connecting me. I started sharing my story, my vision, and my skills. Sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee. Both angles paid off. Because it really is all about relationships.

The ROI on saying yes to opportunities is SO real. I have learned so many skills and been able to adapt because I was willing to say yes. Even if I didn’t 100% know what I was doing, I said yes. Even if the opportunity was a 9-hour drive away, I said yes!

Things were starting to happen but it was by no means pretty. I toured the country twice, once in a jeep and once in a winnebago, driving, producing content, driving, managing a brand, curating small events and more driving. I learned to appreciate the small things and embrace a minimalist lifestyle to survive. Shout out to Airbnb for allowing me to make extra money renting out my place so that I could travel and still pay my rent! 

A random trip to LA led to me connecting with Marissa and starting More Juice — the literal manifestation of what I was doing in my life. We both wanted a space to connect with other people who needed to have conversations we wanted to have, about the hustle.

The next two years were filled with me flying between Cleveland and Los Angeles every month crashing couches to build More Juice and working on any creative project that paid the bills. I was building, y'all. Head down, grind mode.

Fast forward to 2017. I officially moved to LA (in my own place), More Juice is growing, I’ve produced two successful music festivals, I’m working with clients with budgets (🙌🏾) and building my businesses doing exactly what I love everyday. 

Honestly, life is lit. Because I jumped.

I’m not where I want to be just yet, but imagine if I had never taken that leap. I bet on myself.

2018 is only looking up because I was willing to move. Not in a physical sense of moving locations. But ready for movement in my life.

The hustle lives on. The Come Up is real and this is just the beginning.

—Jasmine, @reallyjsmn

More of what I do:
reallyjsmn.com | deadlogiccreate.com

Jasmine Nicole