Embrace change and follow the path with the least resistance.

Growing up in Ohio I remember spring time being one of the most exciting times of the year. I couldn’t wait to break out the shorts, the bright colors and enjoy the extra hours from the sun. The seasons were opportunities to experience new life. You could see it in the leaves on the trees, the melting snow, blooming flowers. Everything around you changed drastically.

In California however, that doesn’t really happen. It’s always sunny. Rarely ever rains. And if I didn’t still follow some friends from back home I would never know the seasons have changed.

I oftentimes have to force myself to be present, to pay attention to the calendar and to adjust for the new season. If I don’t, I’ll look up one day and realize the seasons are changing, but I’m not.

Photos By Uchenna M

I’m only sharing because I just went through a wake up call like this.

Back in December I made my 2018 goals list just like everyone else. But last month I looked back over that list and I didn’t really see much progress. There were certainly areas of growth and forward movement, but I couldn’t fully “check” anything off my list.

In that moment, God revealed two things to me:

1. I was waiting on a moment of “arriving” that was never guaranteed

2. Life is not about having fun. It’s about hard work. You will be rewarded for it, but first you have to work.

When I moved to California, I couch hopped for a good 8 months, worked 6 days a week at two internships, two part time jobs, and hustled social media on the side lol. In those times I felt that sooner than later I wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore. In no time I would be able to just kick it on the beach all day and life would be chill.

I still have that dream, but maturity had me ask myself some tough questions.


  • What if you never get what you want?
  • Would you be fluid and figure something else out?
  • Or would you be resistant to change because it doesn’t look like what you planned?

    After confronting those questions I made peace with the possibility that things won’t go the way I’ve planned and if I’m truly trying to let God lead me, nothing really should go the way I’ve planned.

The truth is, I still work as hard as I did in my couch hopping days and I’ve still got a lot of life left to work. That work will evolve just as I do. However, the seasons are here for a reason.

Maybe you, like me, have experienced the seasons sneaking up on you. Even, though you may feel unprepared I encourage you to embrace change and follow the path with the least resistance.

Just remember this: uncomfortable freedom > familiar bondage.  

If there are areas in your life that you feel resistant to change, i’m with you! Let’s be bolder together.

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P.S. Here is a good book to help you move forward in seasons of unexpected change.

marissa wilson